Saturday, May 18, 2019

Jenna Coleman Gets "Bazaar"

Sneak Peek new images of actress Jenna Coleman ("Victoria") in the latest issue of "Harper's Bazaar" (UK) magazine:

"'Victoria' was so in love with 'Albert' she would go along with him–but only up to a certain point," said Coleman about the PBS "Victoria" mini-series, set in 1848.

"One day, she’s not trusted to walk down the stairs by herself, the next day she's the most powerful woman in the world.

"I can empathize with the feeling of it being harder to project power. For the first series, I was put into cream dresses and bonnets – and I hated wearing a bonnet! I felt really young and girlie. Then I realized that was exactly how Victoria must have felt, surrounded by men in black suits, and having to lead.

"What I’ve learnt about playing power is, you don't have to. We had a royal adviser in for a few days, and he didn't give any notes to me. He just said to the others, 'You have to imagine there’s an aura round this person.' That’s the only way you can ever capture it, I suppose."

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