Monday, May 20, 2019

"Game of Thrones" - Game Over

Sneak Peek footage, images and synopsis from the final episode of "Game of Thrones", titled "The Iron Throne", that aired May 19, 2019, with 13.6 million cable subscribers tuning in to HBO, plus additional streaming numbers bringing the total viewership to 19.3 million:

"...previously 'Daenerys' set fire to King's Landing' after the surrender of 'Cersei'. 'Jon' and 'Tyrion' walked the burnt streets of King's Landing. Tyrion wanted to go to the 'Red Keep' alone and found the bodies of Cersei and 'Jaime' in the rubble. Jon and 'Davos' came upon 'Grey Worm' about to sentence 'Lannister' soldiers to death. After a confrontation, Jon told him he was going to see Daenerys about her orders to kill all of Cersei's followers.

"At the Red Keep, a deranged Daenerys gave a rousing speech to the 'Dothraki' and 'Unsullied' about conquering the world. Tyrion threw his 'Hand of the Queen' pin aside and Daenerys had him taken away. Daenerys then went to the throne room and touched the 'Iron Throne'. Jon confronted her about the innocent people she'd killed. 

Daenerys wanted Jon to be with her, but in their embrace, he stabbed and killed her.

'Drogon' arrived and, after seeing his dead mother, melted the Iron Throne. 

He took her body and flew away.

''After some time, Grey Worm brought Tyrion to the remaining 'Lords and Ladies of Westeros', with Daenerys' people demanding revenge for her death. When Tyrion suggested the new King or Queen should decide, he offered Bran's name. Bran revealed that was why he was there, and he was unanimously chosen as King, with all future rulers chosen and not born into their positions. Then Bran, as punishment, selects Tyrion as his 'Hand'. 'Sansa' declared that the 'North' would be an independent nation, and Bran agreed. Jon was to join the 'Night's Watch' again as his punishment.

"The first small council meets with Tyrion as 'Hand of the King', 'Bronn' as 'Master of Coin', Davos as 'Master of Ships', 'Brienne' as 'Lord Commander of the Kingsguard', and 'Sam' as 'Grand Maester'.

"Jon said goodbye to 'Arya' and Sansa before shipping off to the 'Wall'. 'Tormund' and 'Ghost' greeted him. They and the rest of the 'wildlings' went north of the Wall. 

"Arya set sail on her ship bearing the 'Stark' sigil and a 'direwolf 'bow. She wanted to explore what was west of Westeros, beyond where the maps end. And in 'Winterfell', Sansa was crowned 'Queen of the North'..."

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