Tuesday, April 30, 2019

"The League of Extraordinary Gentleman" TV Series

As part of their Fox acquisition deal, The Walt Disney Company controls screen rights to the 1989 comic book series, "The League of Extraordinary Gentleman", previously adapted as a feature (2003), followed by development as a live-action TV series:

Fox had given a pilot commitment to the TV adaptation, based on the graphic novel by writer Alan Moore and illustrator Kevin O'Neill.

According to Moore, the concept behind the series was initially a 'Justice League of Victorian England':

" the aftermath of the events of the novel 'Dracula', a now disgraced and divorced 'Mina Harker' is recruited by 'Campion Bond' on behalf of 'British Intelligence' ...

"...and asked to assemble a league of other extraordinary individuals to protect the interests of the British Empire.

"Together with 'Captain Nemo', Mina travels to Cairo to locate 'Allan Quatermain', then on to Paris in search of 'Dr. Jekyll'. Finally in London she forcibly recruits 'Hawley Griffin' aka 'The Invisible Man'.

"Meeting with 'Professor Cavor', the League is sent against 'Fu Manchu' in his 'Limehouse' lair...

"...who has stolen the only known sample of 'cavorite' and plans to use it to build an offensive airship, against which Britain would have little defence.

"Having eventually retrieved the cavorite, the League delivers it into the hands of their employer — none other than 'Professor Moriarty', the arch nemesis of 'Sherlock Holmes', who plans to use it in an airship of his own..."

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