Thursday, April 04, 2019

"Creepshow" On Shudder

"The Walking Dead" SFX make-up supervisor Greg Nicotero continues developing the new "Creepshow" anthology TV series for the "Shudder" streaming service, based on the 1982 George Romero-directed feature, 1950's EC horror comics and Warren's "Creepy" magazine:


"...Nicotero will direct the first episode, following disgraced surgeon 'Richard Pine'. 

"While trying to smuggle a bunch of heroin on a boat, disaster strikes and, after narrowly escaping with his life, Pine finds himself marooned on an island. 

"He begins to document his experience in a logbook and, as the reader discovers, not only does he slowly descend into madness, but he winds up doing unthinkable things to survive..."

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