Saturday, April 27, 2019

"A-Force" - The Female "Avengers"

Sneak Peek Marvel Comics' "A-Force", the "Secret Wars" (2015) crossover storyline, created by writers G. Willow Wilson, Marguerite Bennett and illustrator Jorge Molina, featuring Marvel's first all-female team of "Avengers", referenced in "Avengers: Endgame":

"...the team debuted as part of an alternate universe during 'Secret Wars' but later reemerged in Marvel's primary continuity.

"In a secluded corner of the 'Battleworld', an island nation is fiercely protected by a team of 'Avengers' the likes of which has only ever been glimpsed before…

"Fighting to protect the small sliver of their world that's left, the amazing 'A-Force' stands shoulder-to-shoulder, ready to take on the horde..."

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