Monday, March 04, 2019

"The Name Of The Rose"

While political 'witch-hunts' become more prominent these days, take a look at director Giacomo Battiato's $27 million budgeted, 8-part TV miniseries "The Name of the Rose", from 11 Marzo, Palomar and Tele München Group (TMG) in association with RAI Fiction:

"...'Franciscan' friar 'William of Baskerville' and 'Adso of Melk', a 'Benedictine' novice travelling under his protection, arrive at a Benedictine monastery in Northern Italy to attend a theological disputation.

"Upon arrival, the monastery is disturbed by a suicide. Then several other monks die under mysterious circumstances. William is tasked by the monastery's abbot to investigate the deaths, and fresh clues with each murder victim lead William to dead ends and new clues.

"The protagonists explore a labyrinthine medieval library, discuss the subversive power of laughter, and come face to face with the 'Inquisition' a path that William had previously forsworn. William's innate curiosity and highly developed powers of logic and deduction provide the keys to unraveling the abbey's mysteries..."

Cast for the new series includes John Turturro as 'Monk William of Baskerville' and Rupert Everett as 'Inquisitor Bernard Gui. 

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "The Name of the Rose"...