Tuesday, March 19, 2019

"Into The Badlands" - Series Finale

Sneak Peek new footage, plus poster illustrations supporting the series finale episodes of "Into The Badlands", airing March 24, 2019 on AMC:

"...the wars were so long ago nobody even remembers. Darkness and fear ruled until the time of the 'barons', seven men and women who forged order out of chaos. 

"People flocked to them for protection. That protection became servitude. They banished guns and trained armies of lethal fighters they called 'Clippers'. 

"This world is built on blood. Nobody is innocent here. Welcome to the 'Badlands', the former state of Oklahoma, where a feudal society has developed to fill the power vacuum left by the war. 

"Barons control land and monopolies over commodities like opium and fuel, trading among themselves to maintain the peace. Each baron is served by a massive workforce of slaves called 'cogs', as well as a prostitute class called 'dolls'. '

"Several groups exist outside the strict hierarchy of the barons. 'Nomads' are the most common, mostly lawless bandits who subsist on stealing from trade convoys between the baronies. 

"'The River King' and his men control water trade in the Badlands and beyond, and is considered a neutral party in the barons' power struggles. 

"An ascetic religious movement called the 'Totemists' is also shown to exist on the fringes of society, living in isolated communities and practicing a form of idol worship.

"'The Widow' leads a revolutionary group of anti-feudal fighters from her late husband's barony. Although nominally recognized as a baron by her peers, they do not respect her and the contempt is mutual.

"Little is known of the world beyond the Badlands, but it is implied that it is far less politically stable and environmentally sound. The mythical utopian city of 'Azra' is believed to exist outside the Badlands but most dismiss it as a legend..."

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