Monday, February 25, 2019

"Star Trek: Lower Decks"

CBS All Access will stream two seasons of CBS Eye Animation Productions' half-hour cartoon comedy series, "Star Trek: Lower Decks", focusing on the lives of the 'lower drecks' serving on one of the least important ships in 'Starfleet Command' : 

Alex Kurtzman, Heather Kadin, Rod Roddenberry, Trevor Roth and Katie Krentz will executive produce with showrunner Mike McMahan ("Rick and Morty").

"Mike won our hearts with his first sentence: 'I want to do a show about the people who put the yellow cartridge in the 'food replicator' so a banana can come out the other end", said Kurtzman. "He’s brilliantly funny and knows every inch of every 'Trek' episode...and that’s his secret sauce: he writes with the pure, joyful heart of a true fan."

"As a life-long Trekkie, it’s a surreal and wonderful dream come true to be a part of this new era of 'Star Trek'", said McMahan. 

"While 'Star Trek: Lower Decks' is a half-hour, animated show at its core, it’s undeniably 'Trek' – and I promise not to add an episode at the very end that reveals the whole thing took place in a training program."

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