Sunday, February 03, 2019

"Cowboy Bebop" Live-Action

Netflix is co-producing a 10-episode, live-action series based on the Japanese anime "Cowboy Bebop", from Tomorrow Studios and Sunrise, written by Chris Yost, following a crew of 'space cowboy' bounty hunters, including Spike Spiegel', 'Jet Black', 'Faye Valentine' and 'Radical Ed':

"...set in the year 2071, 'Cowboy Bebop' follows the lives of a bounty hunter crew traveling in their spaceship called the 'Bebop'.

"Although it covers a wide range of genres throughout its run, 'Cowboy Bebop' draws most heavily from western and noir films...

"...with recurring thematic focal points including existential ennui, loneliness and the difficulties of trying to escape one's past..."

The original series produced 26 episodes, airing in Japan 1998-1999, also airing in the US on "Adult Swim".

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