Friday, February 22, 2019

Billy "The Kid"

Sneak Peek "The Kid", the latest western to follow the story of outlaw 'Billy The Kid', directed by actor Vincent D'Onofrio ("Full Metal Jacket"), starring Ethan Hawke, Dane DeHaan, Jake Schur, Leila George, Adam Baldwin and Chris Pratt, opening March 8, 2019:

"...young 'Rio' (Schur), is forced to go on the run across the American Southwest in a desperate attempt to save his sister (George) from his villainous uncle (Pratt).

"Along the way, he encounters 'Sheriff Pat Garrett' (Hawke), on the hunt for the infamous killer 'Billy the Kid' (DeHaan).

"Rio finds himself increasingly entwined in the lives of these two legendary figures as the cat and mouse game of Billy the Kid's final year of life plays out. 

"Ultimately Rio is forced to choose which type of man he is going to become, the outlaw or the man of valor, and will use this self-realization in a final act to save his family...."

Cast also includes D'Onofrio as 'Sheriff Romero', Keith Jardine, Chris Bylsma, Clint Obenchain, Chad Dashnaw, Charlie Chappell, Joseph Santos, Hawk D'Onofrio and Jenny Gabrielle.

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