Tuesday, February 26, 2019

"Batman: Hush" Movie

DC Comics' 12-part series "Batman: Hush" (2002) by Joseph Loeb and Jim Lee has been adapted into a "DC Universe" animated feature, including villains 'Poison Ivy', 'Ra's al Ghul', the 'Joker'  and a whole lot more, targeting an April 16, 2019 release:

" While Batman ('Bruce Wayne') rescues a boy kidnapped by 'Killer Croc', 'Catwoman' steals the ransom money.

"Batman swings through 'Gotham City' in pursuit of her, his grapple is cut and he falls to the ground, fracturing his skull. He is nearly killed by a group of criminals before he is saved by 'Huntress'. 

"His butler, 'Alfred Pennyworth', follows his instructions to summon his childhood friend, 'Thomas Elliot', who is now a renowned brain surgeon. Dr. Elliot removes the skull fragments from Bruce's brain. Batman recovers, and discovers that 'Poison Ivy' used Catwoman to steal the ransom, and took it from her...

"Then a mysterious stalker called 'Hush' seems intent on sabotaging 'Batman', while the 'Caped Crusader' continues exploring his relationship with Catwoman."

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