Friday, January 11, 2019

"Young Justice: Outsiders"

DC Comics' "Young Justice" #1, now available, in support of the 'DC Universe' "Young Justice: Outsiders" TV series, is written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Patrick Gleason, with covers by Gleason, Amy Reeder, Derrick Chew, Yasmine Putri, Jorge Jimenez and Evan Shaner:

"...'Superboy', 'Wonder Girl', 'Robin', 'Impulse', 'Amethyst', plus 'Teen Lantern' and 'Jinny Hex', come together in 'Young Justice' #1, the debut issue of a brand-new series.

"When the nightmare dimension known as 'Gemworld' invades 'Metropolis', these teen heroes reunite to deal with the situation -- but they're shocked to discover the battle may be the key to the return of 'Conner Kent'..."

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