Thursday, January 10, 2019

"Iron Sky: The Coming Race"

Sneak Peek the satirical horror thriller "Iron Sky: The Coming Race", directed by Timo Vuorensola, as the sequel to Vuorensola's "Iron Sky" (2012), inspired by the 'Vril' conspiracy theory, opening internationally, January 16, 2019 :

"...20 years after a nuclear war, Earth has become an inhospitable place. Survivors rally together on a former 'Third Reich' moon base. Over the years a large human colony has formed, with its own fascist government and religions, including the 'Jobists', a cult that formed around the teachings of 'Steve Jobs' and their leader (Tom Green).

"But the aging base is deteriorating and due to the damage the moon received in the nuclear war, its time is running out. 'Obi Washington' (Lara Rossi), the daughter of 'Renate Richter' (Julia Dietze), discovers there may be other survivors hidden in an underground city at the center of the earth.

"But what the survivors and a ragtag band of explorers find at the center of the earth is far from human, in a world of dinosaurs ruled by the 'Vril', a race of reptilians led by 'Schicklgruber' in his true lizard form among other former human rulers, all of whom were Reptilians under their human skins all along..."

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