Thursday, January 03, 2019

"Fight Club 3"

Dark Horse Comics "Fight Club 3" #1, continuing the story of 'Tyler Durden' and 'Marla Singer', written by "Fight Club" book author Chuck Palahniuk, is illustrated by Cameron Stewart, with covers by Kirbi Fagan, available January 9, 2019:

"...'Marla Singer' is about to deliver her second child, but the daddy isn't her husband -- it's 'Tyler Durden', who's very invested in his heir and the world he'll inherit. 

"Marla, her first son, and her husband--the unnamed narrator in the novel, who now goes by 'Balthazar' -- live in a rundown motel with sketchy neighbors. In the 'Fight Club 2' graphic novel, Tyler transformed 'Project Mayhem' into 'Rize or Die' -- now, as a road to paradise presents itself, a new group has implemented a ruthless and deviant plan to fine-tune mankind, leading Balthazar to forge an unlikely alliance...with Tyler Durden..."

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