Saturday, December 22, 2018

"The Six Million Dollar Man"

Dynamite Entertainment's "The Six Million Dollar Man" #1 (in support of director Damian Szifron's upcoming action feature "The Six Billion Dollar Man", starring Mark Wahlberg) is written by Christopher Hastings and illustrated by David Hahn, with covers by Michael Walsh, Yasmine Putri, Francesco Francavilla, Denis Medri, available March 6, 2019:

" the 1970's, things are going great as 'Colonel Steve Austen', with his implanted robo-parts and laser eye, heads to Japan to help 'Agent Niko Abe' stop a missile maniac. 

"But how will Steve complete his mission, when his body starts to depreciate in value?..."

"The Six Billion Dollar Man", opening June 5, 2020,  will update  "The Six Million Dollar Man", based on author Martin Caidin's novel "Cyborg" (1972).

"Writing the screenplay was such a fantastic ride," said Sziforn, "and embarking on this journey with Mark, to take this story to a whole new level is simply spectacular.

"Growing up, these kind of films left an indelible mark on me and now it feels so good to be making one".

"The Six Million Dollar Man" aired 100 episodes, spawning TV spinoff, "The Bionic Woman".

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