Wednesday, December 26, 2018

"The Greatest American Hero"

Thanks to a recently greenlit TV pilot, ABC is deciding whether or not to reboot "The Greatest American Hero", starring actress Hannah Simone ("New Girl"), as another showcase for an empowered woman, or just another 'jiggle' take: 

"...'Meera' loves tequila and karaoke, spending her life searching and failing to find meaning...

"...much to the chagrin of her family, until she becomes entrusted with a super suit to protect the planet..."

The original series aired for three seasons from 1981 to 1983 on ABC, created by writer/producer Stephen J. Cannell, starring William Katt ("Carrie") as teacher 'Ralph Hinkley', Robert Culp ("I, Spy") as FBI agent 'Bill Maxwell' and Connie Sellecca ("The Wild Stallion") as lawyer 'Pam Davidson'.'

The series chronicles Ralph's adventures after a group of aliens give him a red and black suit that grants him superhuman abilities. 

Unfortunately for Ralph, who hates wearing the suit, has to learn how to use its powers by trial and error.

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