Saturday, December 22, 2018

"Star Wars" - Enter 'Doctor Aphra'

Marvel Comics' "Star Wars: Doctor Aphra" #30, available March 2019, is written by Si Surrier and illustrated by Emilio Laiso, with covers by Ashley Witter and Adam Hughes:

"..archaeologist 'Doctor Aphra' continues to race across an alien city, pursued by innumerable enemies including the 'Empire' propaganda division. 

"But with the timer ticking down on the bomb in her body, the truest horror might come from some unscheduled soul-searching. Could it be that her psychotic droid companion 'triple-zero' is the closest thing she has as a soulmate?..."

'Chelli Lona Aphra' was a human female archaeologist recruited by 'Darth Vader' after the 'Battle of Yavin'. Aphra, along with her droid companions, '0-0-0' ('Triple-Zero') and 'BT-1' ('Beetee'), fulfilled several missions for the 'Sith Lord' before falling out of his favor.

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