Sunday, December 30, 2018

"Justice League Dark"

The animated feature "Justice League Dark", a precursor to the developing "Justice League Dark" feature film includes DC Comics' 'Deadman', 'Zatanna', 'Swamp Thing', 'Etrigan the Demon', 'Black Orchid' and a whole lot more:

"'Justice League Dark' is what it sounds like," said Creative Director Mike Carlin. 

"It’s the dark side of justice. A group of supernatural heroes who band together...

" take on occult threats, supernatural threats - threats that the real 'Justice League' may be powerless against.

"The mainstream heroes are not the right guys for the job. 

"These are not guys who go to meetings and sit around a table.

"They kind of appear and disappear when needed."

"It's a 'Justice League' movie, but it’s not," said Producer James Tucker. "They don’t look like your typical superheroes. They’re outcasts. 

"No one is happy when they show up. ...

"They misunderstand them, so having monstrous people do heroic things...

" always kind of cool."

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