Thursday, December 27, 2018

"DC Universe" Sizzle Reel

Sneak Peek a new 'sizzle reel' revealing more footage from the "DC Universe" video on demand service operated by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Digital Networks, that includes original television programming, access to select animated series/films from DC's back catalogue, a rotating selection of comics from DC Comics, forum discussion space and a merchandise store:

The service's first slate of programming, the live-action "Titans" and animated "Young Justice: Outsiders" was revealed April 2017, with a "Harley Quinn" half-hour animated series announced November 2018.

Other shows offered include a "Superman" prequel series "Metropolis", focusing on 'Lois Lane' and 'Lex Luthor', a live-action "Swamp Thing" and "Doom Patrol" series, a live-action "Stargirl" including the "Justice Society of America", plus daily news program "DC Daily".

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "DC Universe"...

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