Tuesday, November 06, 2018

"The Walking Dead" - Exit 'Rick Grimes'

Sneak Peek extended footage from "The Walking Dead" episode "What Comes After", marking the last appearance of Andrew Lincoln as 'Rick Grimes', written by Matthew Negrete and directed by Greg Nicotero, that aired November 4, 2018 on AMC:

"...'Rick' wakes from his last lucid dream, with 'walkers' closing in on him, as he leads them towards the bridge. 

"He stumbles just short of the bridge, but just as the walkers get close, 'Michonne' leads a large group of his allies to take out the horde. 

"Michonne urges Rick to keep on fighting, as he realizes Michonne is now his only family. 

"But this is just another vision; he then finds himself alone just off the bridge with the horde still following him. 

"He gets back up and continues to lead the walkers across the bridge as the river waters rise.

"But to Rick's dismay, the weight of the walkers is not sufficient to cause the bridge to fall.

"Just then, the group from 'Alexandria' arrives, killing off the walkers near Rick. 

"'Maggie' worries that if the walkers cross, they will continue onto 'Hilltop' and she leads a group to try to turn the horde around, but Rick waves them off, muttering to himself that he found his family.

"Rick sees dynamite left on the bridge and fires at it, destroying the bridge and most of the walker horde, with the remaining walkers falling into the river. 

"To his allies, Rick appears to have been lost in the explosion, as several break out in tears and grief at his loss.

"'Anne' sees the smoke from the explosion and hears chatter over the walkie-talkies about Rick's action while a helicopter lands nearby. She sees Rick on the bank of the river, still alive. She convinces the helicopter to rescue Rick. She and Rick are airlifted away.

"Six years later, survivors 'Magna', 'Connie', 'Kelly', 'Yumiko' and 'Mark' are trying to hold off a walker horde when a few are shot from a forest nearby. The group is told to take cover, and find that they have been rescued by Rick's daughter, the now preteen 'Judith Grimes'..."

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