Thursday, November 08, 2018

"Narcos: Mexico" On Netflix

Sneak Peek new footage, plus images from "Narcos: Mexico", the crime drama web TV series created and produced by Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro, as a companion series to "Narcos", focusing on the illegal drug trade in Mexico, streaming November 16, 2018 on Netflix:

"...'Narcos: Mexico' explores the origins of the modern drug war, going back to a time when the Mexican trafficking world was a loose and disorganized confederation of independent growers and dealers. The series charts the rise of the 'Guadalajara Cartel' in the 1980's as 'Félix Gallardo' (Diego Luna) takes the helm, unifying traffickers in order to build an empire.

"When 'DEA' agent 'Kiki Camarena' (Michael Peña) moves his wife and young son from California to Guadalajara to take on a new post, he quickly learns that his assignment will be more challenging than he ever could have imagined. As Kiki garners intelligence on Felix and becomes more entangled in his mission, a tragic chain of events unfold, affecting the drug trade and the war against it for years to come..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Narcos: Mexico"...