Tuesday, November 27, 2018

"DMZ" - 'Demilitarized Zone'

Former "Mad Men" executive producers Andre and Maria Jacquemetton, along with "Gravity" producer David Heyman, continue developing a comic book-based TV series adapting DC Comics' near future title "DMZ":

Published by DC Comics under their Vertigo imprint, "DMZ" debuted in 2005, with 72 original issues published over 7 years, created and co-illustrated (with Riccardo Burchielli) by Brian Wood.

"DMZ" is set in the near future, where a second American civil war has turned the island of Manhattan into a 'Demilitarized Zone', caught between the forces of the US and the secessionist 'Free States of America'.

The "Free States" movement began with an uprising of secessionist groups that formed a separate government in Montana before spreading across the country. 

The "Free Armies" and US military first met in combat at Allentown, Pennsylvania where the Free Armies won, then marched into New York. A planned evacuation of Manhattan goes disastrously wrong, but despite the US was able to halt the advance of the Free States forces.

"...fledgling journalist 'Matty Roth' holds the narrative together as we learn the stories and perspectives of many who live in the shattered city. Behind them all is the conflict between the FSA, USA, and other factions as the country attempts to end the civil war..."

Manhattan is now mainly empty, with only 400,000 people still on the island populated only by the poor who were not evacuated, with snipers and holdouts, or as creator Wood said, "Think equal parts Escape from New York, Fallujah, and New Orleans right after Katrina".

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