Friday, October 05, 2018

"What If ? The Punisher"

Marvel Comics' "What If ? The Punisher" #1, available October 10, 2018, is written by Carl Potts and illustrated by Juanan Ramirez, with covers by Ramirez and John Tyler Christopher.

"...When 'Uncle Ben' is killed by an armed burglar 'Peter Parker' let escape, Peter vows to never let the same fate befall another innocent bystander. From then on, he stands as a figure of cold retribution. Criminals beware. The guilty caught in this spider's web will be punished. But will Parker stand triumphant, or be shattered by this twist of fate?

"The 'friendly neighborhood' takes a different turn in this 'What If?' adventure, positing a very different sense of responsibility for the man who will be known as 'The Punisher', as his battles against villains like the 'Green Goblin' take a new path..."

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