Sunday, October 28, 2018

"The Last Kingdom" On Netflix

Sneak Peek the Netflix Original Series "The Last Kingdom', based on author Bernard Cornwell's "The Saxon Stories" series of historical novels, co-produced by Netflix, streaming Season 3, November 19, 2018:

" the beginning, during the late 9th century AD, when England is divided into seven separate kingdoms, the Anglo-Saxon lands are attacked, plundered and ruled by 'Viking Danes', with the 'Kingdom of Wessex' remaining the last major stronghold against berserker hordes.

"'Uhtred of Bebbanburg' has his family killed by the Danes. Only his uncle and step-mother survive. Uhtred and Saxon girl 'Brida' are taken as slaves by 'Earl Ragnar', now settled in 'Danish Northumbria' which becomes their adopted home as they grow older. 

"Time passes and Ragnar's daughter 'Thyra' is about to be married, but the Danes attack the night before the wedding and set the hall on fire in which the whole family are sleeping. 

"Ragnar is burned alive and Thyra is taken as a slave. Only Uhtred and Brida escape, watching the charcoal burn from the safety of the woods..."

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