Thursday, October 18, 2018

"Beacon 23"- Out of This World

Author Hugh Howey's bestselling 5-part outer space, science fiction novel "Beacon 23" (2015) set in the 23rd Century, is being developed as a TV movie, adapted by writer Zak Penn for producers Platform One Media and Spectrum Originals:

"...'Digger' is a military veteran whose war experiences as a soldier in the war against the 'Ryph' aliens, left him with 'PTSD'. He now monitors and maintains 'Beacon 23', an isolated lighthouse of the future to aid the transit of space ships. Although his PTSD causes him to desire solitude, he is not completely antisocial. One encounter brings him into contact with another veteran, a girl with whom he had shared much, both in combat and in bed. She is now a fugitive, and her presence on Beacon 23 places Digger in a precarious position, since bounty hunters are on her trail. Although he attempts to trick the bounty hunters, his efforts backfire, bringing them back to his beacon, resulting in a deadly firefight..."

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