Sunday, October 21, 2018

"Counterpart" - It's Not You, It's Me

Sneak Peek "Counterpart", the science fiction, spy thriller series, created by Justin Marks, starring Oscar winner, State Farm insurance pitchman, J.K. Simmons in a dual role, with a 10-episode second season premiering December 9, 2018 on Starz:

"...'Howard Silk', an 'Interface' employee at the 'Office of Interchange' (OI), a Berlin-based 'UN' spy agency, has been working for the agency for thirty years, with a rank too low for any 'need to know'.

"His agency oversees a crossing point to the parallel Earth 'Prime World', a facsimile of Silk's world, created by East German scientists in 1987 and slowly 'diverging' ever since.

"Silk's other self, or counterpart from the Prime world, is a field agent who makes crossings to Silk's world, aka the 'Alpha World', to retrieve 'others' who have gone rogue.

"But factional in-fighting in the Prime world spills over into Alpha, endangering Silk and his wife 'Emily' (Olivia Williams).

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