Tuesday, September 25, 2018

"No Easy Days" On Amazon Prime

Take a look at Dystopian Films' eight-episode political action thriller "No Easy Days", starring Peter Outerbridge, Michael Hogan, Al Sapienza, Simon Phillips, Sean Brosnan, Eva Link and Krista Morin, now streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime:

"...when first daughter 'Alice Reynolds' is kidnapped on her 18th birthday from a New York nightclub, the 'White House' initiates emergency protocols. 

"But as the kidnappers hunker down in an underground parking garage for the long haul, questions are raised.

"Political moves towards the presidency prove as deadly as the actions of the kidnappers until hope comes from an elite team of 'Navy Seals' sent in to rescue the hostages.

"But then the safety of the President himself in the 'Oval Office' is under threat..."

"'Amazon Prime' is home of some my favorite exclusive content," said series director Paul Tanter.

"I'm delighted 'No Easy Days' has found a home here and 'Amazon' audiences will be able to enjoy thrilling action combined with 'Machiavellian' political scheming. I was blessed to work with an incredibly talented cast and I'm incredibly proud of the show."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "No Easy Days"...