Wednesday, August 08, 2018

"The Player" TV Series

"The Player" book author Michael Tolkin, screenwriter for director Robert Altman's satirical, 1992 feature of the same name, has confirmed Warner Television is developing a TV series sequel  from his novel "The Return of the Player" (2006):

"We're actually developing a series based on it for Warner Television," said Tolkin. "that's in the early stages.

" 'The Player', 'Griffin Mill' (Tim Robbins), is a ruthless Hollywood executive dating his story editor and is an enemy to writers. Consequently, when Mills starts to receive death threats, he immediately assumes that the culprit is writer 'David Kahane' (Vincent D’Onofrio). After Mill subsequently confronts the suspect, a physical altercation leaves Kahane dead and Mill takes up with the dead man's girlfriend. 

"When the police get involved, Mill gets off and gets his Hollywood ending..."

In "Return of the Player", "It's 'Griffin' 15 years later," said Tolkin, "and he’s down to his last six million dollars and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. He's in a panic about his future..."

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