Wednesday, August 08, 2018

"Morbius The Living Vampire" - Enter 'Martine Bancroft'

Following their "Spider-Man" movie spin-off "Venom", Sony will produce Marvel's "Morbius The Vampire", directed by Daniel Espinosa, starring Oscar winner Jared Leto, while casting continues for a female lead to play vampire 'Martine Bancroft':

"...when arrogant scientist 'Michael Morbius' experiments to cure himself of a rare blood disease, it's rich socialite 'Martine Bancroft' who helps him keep a connection to his humanity, after he becomes a vampire.

"She stays by his side while Michael tries to discover a cure for his monstrous condition.

"However, tragedy strikes when circumstances lead to Martine herself being transformed into a vampire at Michael's hand..."

"Morbius: The Living Vampire" is scripted by Burk Sharpless ("Dracula Untold") and Matt Sazama ("The Last Witch Hunter").

Created by writer Roy Thomas and illustrator Gil Kane for Marvel Comics, 'Dr. Michael Morbius', a gifted intellect, expert biologist, biochemist and neuroradiologist with a Ph.D. in biochemistry...

...debuted as an antagonist in "The Amazing Spider-Man" #101 (Oct. 1971), eventually evolving into a sympathetic 'superhero with super problems'  in his own series.

"...'Morbius' experienced a transformation by electrical shock treatment and dug ingestion, turning into a pseudo-vampire, possessing superhuman powers, similar to supernatural vampires...

"...with a strong aversion to sunlight, an accelerated healing factor and the ability of 'transvection', able to navigate wind currents and glide great distances through the air..."

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