Monday, July 09, 2018

Enter "Traci Thirteen"

The CW continues developing the DC Comics' 'magic' property "Traci Thirteen" as a live action TV series for producers Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman:

Created by writer Joe Kelly and illustrator Dwyane Turner, 'Traci Thirteen' debuted in DC's "Superman" #189 (2003) as a 'Homo Magi' human, born with innate powers of sorcery.

"But Traci is forbidden by her father, 'Doctor Thirteen,' to practice magic, since her mother, 'Meihui Lan', died due to magical influences.

"Traci moved to the 'Suicide Slum' of 'Metropolis', determined to live on her own, with her pet iguana 'Leeroy'. There she began to tap into the 'urban magic' of Metropolis, and assumed the name of 'Girl 13.

Her powers include the ability to cast spells, teleport, fire blasts of energy, create force shields and the ability to transform her pet iguana into a dragon.

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