Tuesday, July 24, 2018

"Batgirl" - Enter 'Barbara Gordon'

DC Comics' "Batgirl" #28, in support of the upcoming "Batgirl" feature (screenplay by Christina Hodson), is written by Mairghread Scott and illustrated by Paul Pelletier, Norm Rapmund, with covers by Julian Totino Tedesco and Joshua Middleton, available October 24, 2018:

"...while recovering from the injuries she suffered battling 'Grotesque', 'Barbara Gordon' has been living with her police commissioner dad while she recuperates.

"To get Barbara out of her funk, 'Jim Gordon' hires her to do some 'I.T.' grunt work at the 'Gotham City' PD.

"Unfortunately, he just gave full security clearance to 'Batgirl', one of the best hackers on the planet...

"...with access to the police database in hopes of capturing Grotesque, who also seems to be using the database as well..."

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