Monday, June 25, 2018

"James Bond: Origin"

Dynamite Entertainment's "James Bond: Origin" #1, available September 5, 2018, featuring author Ian Fleming's superspy as a young man, is written by Jeff Parker and illustrated by Bob Q, with covers by John Cassaday, David Mack, Kev Walker, Gene Ha, Ibrahim Moustafa:

" 'Chapter One: The Greatest Days', the definitive account of the exploits of 'James Bond' during World War II, seventeen-year-old Bond, a restless student in Scotland, is an orphan, eager to strike out and make his mark on the world.

"But a visit by an old friend coincides with 'The Clydebank Blitz', the most devastating German attack on Scotland during the War. 

"James will fight through hell to survive, coming out the other side determined to make a difference. He'll find his calling in a new secret, British government service..."

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