Thursday, May 17, 2018

“Jawbreakers- Lost Souls"

Comic book publisher Antarctic Press has dropped distribution of the crowd-sourced indie graphic novel "Jawbreakers – Lost Souls", after a writer at Marvel Comics reportedly berated Antarctic, threatening a boycott and physical harm, accusing the talent behind the book, including writer Richard C. Meyer, illustrator Jon Malin and colorist Brett R. Smith of being "...conservative thinkers with Republican values..." :

According to an Antarctic press release

"...after careful consideration, it is the decision of 'Antarctic Press' to not release the comic series 'Jawbreakers'.

"Antarctic Press is a staunch believer in 'Creator's Rights' and giving creators a chance to showcase their creation and allowing that creation to be judged on its merits.

"Many forces, many of them should be viewed with great trepidation about how our society acts, have led us to this decision. We do not take this decision lightly as we do believe that there should be separation between 'ART' and the 'ARTIST' and that separation has been blurred in our decision..."

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