Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Sam Heughan: I'm 'Batman'

"Outlander" star Sam Heughan would like to remind 'Batman' fans he previously played the 'Caped Crusader' in Warners "Batman Live: Arena Tour" and is more than ready to play the DC Comics' superhero again for Warners "The Batman" stand-alone feature, as a chisled-looking, super-physically fit character, rather than a grizzled Ben Affleck, or rodent-faced Christian Bale: 

Heughan is a graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and a 2003 nominee for the 'Laurence Olivier Award' for 'Most Promising Performance'.

In 2012, he originated the role of 'Batman' in the DC/Warner Brothers and Waterlane production of "Batman Live," an international tour which opened at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles and went on to tour in South America and throughout Europe.

In 2010, Heughan was nominated for a British Soap Award for 'Villain of the Year' for his role as 'Scott Neilson' in the BBC soap opera "Doctors", followed by several TV roles including "River City," "Island at War," "The Wild West," "Midsomer Murders," and "Any Human Heart". 

Besides "Outlander", Heughan's other TV movie credits include, "Breaking the Mould" for BBC Television, "A Very British Sex Scandal" for Channel 4 and "First Light" for BBC2. Film credits include "Alexander the Great from Macedonia", "Emulsion" and "Heart of Lightness".

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