Friday, March 23, 2018


Sneak Peek "Superfly", the new action crime thriller, rebooting the 1972 'blaxploitation' feature, starring Jennifer Morrison, Jason Mitchell and Andrea Londo, opening June 15, 2018:

"...'Youngblood Priest' is a slick, degenerate cocaine dealer who has a strong desire to exit the drug business. But before he can exit the drug world, he has to earn enough funds to support his lifestyle as he feels a regular nine to five job will not satisfy his needs.

"He creates a plan to sell thirty kilos of cocaine, and use the profits to sustain him while he searches for a job, which he assumes will be a difficult process due to his criminal background. Along the way Priest has several run-ins with corrupt law enforcement. He also experiences betrayal from his close friend, 'Eddie'.

"In the end, Priest is able to escape from the drug business with his girlfriend 'Georgia', proving that for some. crime does pay...

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