Thursday, March 29, 2018

"Into The Badlands" - Season 3

The Season 3 series premiere of "Into The Badlands", airs April 22, 2018 on AMC:

"...'Sunny' (Daniel Wu) living off the grid is doing his best to provide for his infant son 'Henry', in the wake of the death of 'Veil'.

"It is only when Henry contracts a mysterious illness that Sunny must join forces with 'Bajie' (Nick Frost) and journey back into the 'Badlands', where 'The Widow' (Emily Beecham) and 'Baron Chau' (Eleanor Matsuura) are entrenched in a drawn-out war that has destabilized the entire region. 

"No longer supported by 'Tilda' (Ally Ioannides) or 'Waldo' (Stephen Lang), The Widow must find new allies in 'Lydia' (Orla Brady) and in 'Nathaniel Moon' (Sherman Augustus) — the former regent who lost his hand to Sunny and Bajie in Season 2. 

"But when a mysterious nomadic leader called 'Pilgrim' (Babou Ceesay) arrives in the Badlands on a mission to restore 'Azra' and usher in a new era of peace, old enemies must band together to defend the Badlands..."

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