Wednesday, March 21, 2018

"Green Lanterns: Order of the Steed"

DC Comics' "Green Lanterns" #43, in support of the developing "Green Lantern" TV series, is written by Tim Seeley and illustrated by V. Kenneth Marion, with covers by Will Conrad and Brandon Peterson, available March 21, 2018:

" 'Inhuman Trafficking' part four, as 'Simon' and 'Jess' try to ward off the encroaching members of the 'Order of the Steed'...

"...'High Rider Grieva' enacts her plan with the Earth heroes. 

"With the power of hundreds of superheroes coursing through their leader, the Order of the Steed make their final march against the universe..."

In "Green Lantern Corps" movie news, writer David S. Goyer ("Man Of Steel") and Justin Rhodes continue developing DC Comics' "Green Lantern Corps".

Warners will back the new feature, focusing on 'Green Lantern' superheroes 'Hal Jordan' and 'John Stewart', to be produced by Goyer, with DC's Geoff Johns and Jon Berg executive producing.

Created in 1959 for DC Comics, by writer John Broome and illustrator Gil Kane...

...the 'Green Lantern Corps' patrol the 'DC Universe' on behalf of the 'Guardians', a race of immortals residing on the planet 'Oa'.

The Corps, in existence for three billion years, survive multiple conflicts both internal and foreign.

Currently operating in pairs, among the 3600 'sectors' of the universe, there are 7202 'Green Lantern' members, two for every sector except sector 2814 which has 4 members.

Each Green Lantern is given a 'power ring', a weapon granting the use of incredible abilities that are directed by the wearer's own willpower.

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