Thursday, February 01, 2018

"Samson" - Chosen. Betrayed. Redeemed.

Sneak Peek more new footage, plus images from "Samson", the upcoming biblical feature starring Jackson Rathbone, Billy Zane, Taylor James, Rutger Hauer and Lindsay Wagner, opening February 16, 2018:

"...after losing the love of his life to a cruel 'Philistine' prince, a long-haired young man with supernatural strength defends his people, sacrificing everything to avenge his love, his people and his faith..."

'Samson', meaning 'man of the sun' was the last of the judges of the ancient 'Israelites' in the 'Book of Judges' from the 'Old Testament'.

The biblical account states Samson was given immense strength to fight his enemies allowing him to kill a lion with his bare hands...

...slay an entire army with the jawbone of an ass...

...and destroy a temple of the Philistines.

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