Thursday, February 01, 2018

Alicia Vikander : "Submergence"

Sneak Peek footage, plus images from director Wim Wenders' "Submergence", based on the novel of same name by J. M. Ledgard, starring Alicia Vikander ("Tomb Raider") and James McAvoy ("X-Men: Dark Phoenix"):

"...on the eastern coast of Africa, a Scotsman, 'James More', is held captive by terrorists. . Thousands of miles away in the Greenland Sea, 'Danielle Flinders' prepares to dive in a submersible to the ocean floor..."

Cast also includes Alex Hafner, Celyn Jones, Harvey Friedman, Audrey Quoturi and Charlotte Rampling.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Submergence"...