Tuesday, January 02, 2018

"Joe Golem: Occult Detective"

Dark Horse Comics' "Joe Golem: Occult Detective" #1, now available, is written by Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden and illustrated by Patric Reynolds:

" 'The Rat Catcher' part 1, forty years after disaster left 'Lower Manhattan' submerged in thirty feet of water, people have begun disappearing below the surface. 

"In this new series, 'Joe Golem' hunts the terrifying creature that has been dragging people into the depths of the canals..."

"In 'Joe Golem' #2, Golem finds the 'Rat Catcher' red-handed—'and discovers that there’s more behind this creature than he suspected.

"In 'Joe Golem' #3, beneath the surface in the creature’s underwater lair, Golem searches for the Drowning City's missing people and finds more questions than answers...

"In 'Joe Golem' #4, a search for the source of a signal picked up by 'Simon Church' on his paranormal detector, leads Church and Golem to a mansion in submerged 'Greenwich Village', where a millionaire is going to supernatural lengths to recover what the 'Drowning City' has taken from him...

"In 'Joe Golem' #5, a 'Drowning City' millionaire’s plan to reunite with his dead family goes terribly wrong. Golem and Church rush to reverse his spell before the city is taken over by drowning victims come back to life..."

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