Thursday, January 04, 2018

Cara Delevingne : "Capture Youth"

Sneak Peek new images, plus footage of actress Cara Delevingne aka 'Enchantress' in "Suicide Squad", as 'the face' of Dior’s new 'Capture Youth' line:

"I act for love," said Delevingne. "I give it my all. I would probably still do it even if I wasn't paid at all. But in terms of equal pay, I need to be paid the same as the guy who has equal billing with me.

"When you have balance in your life, work becomes an entirely different experience. There is a passion that moves you to a whole new level of fulfillment and gratitude....and that's when you can do your best... for yourself and for others.

"The energy you give off is the energy you receive. I really think that, so I'm always myself - jumping, dancing, singing around, trying to cheer everybody up..." 

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek Cara Delevingne for 'Capture Youth'...