Saturday, December 09, 2017

Stake Out "Vampironica"

"Vampironica" is the newly-announced series from Archie Comics' horror imprint "Archie Horror", that includes "Afterlife with Archie", "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" and "Jughead: The Hunger", now reimagining 'Veronica Lodge' as a 'vampire', available March 2018:

"... the 'Riverdale' resident rich girl turns into a vampire from a blood sucker hundreds of years her senior. 

"Forced to contend with this radical transformation, 'Veronica' deals with the prospect of feeding on her own small-town cohorts..."

"Fans can rest assured that we’ll be staying faithful to the core of these characters", said Archie Comics.

"It was very important that 'Vampironica' be the same 'Veronica' that we all know and love, only now with fangs. Realistically, how would a narcissistic teenage shopaholic react to becoming a vampire? We found an equal amount of humor and horror in the answer to that question, but the story also takes us to some amazingly heartfelt places..."

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