Saturday, November 11, 2017

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Angel"

Sneak Peek footage from the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", Season 1 episode "Angel", written by David Greenwalt and directed by Scott Brazil, that aired April 14, 1997 on The WB:

"...'Buffy Summers'(Sarah Michelle Gellar) has just moved to 'Sunnydale' after burning down her old school's gym to escape her 'vampire slayer' duties. Her plans are complicated by 'Rupert Giles' (Anthony Head), her new 'Watcher', who reminds her of the presence of evil.

"'Sunnydale High' is built atop a 'Hellmouth', a portal to demon dimensions that attracts supernatural phenomena to the area.

"Buffy meets two schoolmates, 'Xander Harris' (Nicholas Brendon) and 'Willow Rosenberg' (Alyson Hannigan) who help her fight evil through the series. 

"She also gets a love interest in the form of 'Angel' (David Boreanz) a vampire with a soul. 

"Together they are the 'Scoobies', and must prevent 'The Master' (Mark Metcalf), an ancient vampire, from opening the Hellmouth and taking over Sunnydale.

"In the episode "Angel", Buffy is horrified to discover that Angel is a vampire. 

"Bent on slaying him, Buffy learns that Angel's soul was restored by a 'Gypsy' curse...

"...making him unique—and reviled—among his fellow undead.

"Then Angel stakes 'Darla' (Julie Benz), the vampire who made him, as she attempts to assassinate Buffy for the 'Master'..."

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