Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Lauren Cohan: "Interview"

Sneak Peek new images of actress Lauren Cohan, aka 'Maggie Greene' in AMC's "The Walking Dead" posing for the latest issue of "Interview" magazine, photographed by Mark Williams:

"...'The Walking Dead' has allowed me to experience success, remain myself and develop some of the closest bonds, both professionally and personally, that I could ever have imagined," said Cohan.

"I think this season I see some of the biggest changes in 'Maggie'. She’s had to become hardened, not because that’s what the world requires, but … I’d say there’s been a pretty constant perseverance and optimism for Maggie, and this year she has to make really hard decisions. I don’t know if they will permanently change her, but they are definitely showing a very different side of what this world requires you to be.

"Losing people means you need to go on and fight even harder, not give up. I do think that seed was set in motion right at the beginning; before anybody knew, we just kept going, soldiered on. That’s actually the biggest lesson for me: it’s keep going and doing the thing that you know is right..."

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