Tuesday, October 24, 2017

"Supergirl: The Faithful"

Sneak Peek new footage from the "Supergirl" episode "The Faithful", written by Paula Yoo, Katie Rose Rogers and directed by Jesse Warn, airing Octoiber 30, 2017 on The CW:

"...'Kara' (Melissa Benoist) investigates a secretive new group whose leader, 'Thomas Coville' (Chad Lowe), has a mysterious connection to 'Supergirl'. 

"Meanwhile, 'Samantha' (Odette Annable) feels like she's letting 'Ruby' (Emma Tremblay) down, wile the Martian 'J'onn' (David Harewood) confesses an old secret..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Supergirl: The Faithful"...