Sunday, October 08, 2017

Meet 'George Jetson'

DC Comics' "The Jetsons" #1, updating characters from "The Jetsons" 1962 animated TV sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera, is written by Jimmy Palmiotti and illustrated by Pier Brito, with covers by Amanda Conner and Dave Johnson, available November 1, 2017:

" 'George Jetson', a family man living an analog life in a digital world. 

"His wife, 'Jane', is a brilliant 'NASA' scientist working off-world at a conference, his daughter 'Judy' is a social butterfly trying to discover her calling...

"...and his boy 'Elroy' is either doing homework or using robotic technology to break the rules.

"Strangest of all, George's mother has downloaded herself into 'Rosie' the robot.

"Join this postmodern family as doom rockets toward them from the outer reaches of the galaxy on a crash course of destruction..."

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