Saturday, October 14, 2017

"Inhumans: Something Inhuman This Way Comes"

Sneak Peek new footage from the Marvel's "Inhumans" episode "Something Inhuman This Way Comes”, airing October 20, 2017 on ABC:

"...on the run from the forces of 'Auran', 'Black Bolt' and 'Medusa' reluctantly work with 'Louise' to help locate the rest of their family. 

"Then back on 'Attilan', 'Maximus' changes the game completely..."

Cast of "Inhumans" includes Anson Mount as 'Black Bolt', Serinda Swan as 'Medusa', Iwan Rheon as 'Maximus', Ken Leung as 'Karnak', Eme Ikwuakor as 'Gorgon', Isabelle Cornish as 'Crystal', Mike Moh as 'Triton', Sonya Balmores as 'Auran' and Ellen Woglom as 'Louise'.

Click th images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Inhumans"...