Tuesday, September 05, 2017

What Would A 2017 "Charmed" Look Like

The supernatural CBS TV series "Charmed", showcased the magic of the 'Charmed Ones' from 1998 to 2006, as the 'Power of Three' survived demons, warlocks, sorcerers and failed romances. Now, with an ongoing comic book series and a "Charmed" TV reboot in development at The CW, just how would 'The Power of Three' fare in the world of 2017 ? :

Would their eccentric behaviour protecting innocents from demonic harm be documented in an errant tweet, or to an 'Instagram' follower ? While their witch side would keep family and friends at bay, could demons start trolling them on 'Facebook' ?

Would 'Phoebe' (Alyssa Milano) get a premonition from a tweet? 

Would the 'freezing time' of 'Piper' (Holly Marie Combs) affect a 'Snapchat' video? Could their cell phones pick up signals from the 'Underworld'?

The original "Charmed" cast also included actress Shannen Doherty as 'Prue Halliwell', for the first 3 seasons of the series and Rose McGowan...

...replacing her as fourth sister 'Paige Matthews' from Season 4 to 8, with all four of these main actresses expressing interest recently in returning to their roles to see how the 'Charmed Ones' have grown up. 

Like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", the "Charmed" TV series remains alive in comic books, originally published by Zenescope Entertainment and now at "Dynamite Entertainment".

The Charmed Ones usually avoid using their powers for personal gain, bestowed their gifts to help innocents and protect the world. 
But how easy would it be for them to harness their powers to improve their lives? Thankfully, the modern day has some course-correction of its own to prevent the Charmed Ones breaking their magical laws. 

For example, Phoebe could take up a hobby of online gaming, which would prevent her from seeing the future by keeping her brain occupied on platforms such as this site here, in which case even if she does see the future, it would only help.

Or Piper could begin console gaming with people across the world – her time-stopping abilities wouldn't work across the ocean and she would have to play like everybody else.  

People had cell phones in 2006, but they weren’t as big a part of our lives as they are now. So many problems the Charmed Ones had could have been solved through a simple text, provided the 'wi-fi' reached wherever they were heading. 

The writers will likely have to create more reasons why the sisters couldn’t send a simple text to explain everything that’s going on– a common plot point that could lead to even more demonic hijinks...  

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