Monday, September 25, 2017

"Supergirl" - Enter 'Saturn Girl'

According to The CW, upcoming Season 3 of "Supergirl" has cast actress Amy Jackson as 'Imra Ardeen', aka DC Comics' 'Saturn Girl':

"...'"Saturn Girl', aka 'Imra Ardeen', is a kind, smart, and strong-willed hero who uses her telekinetic ability to help those in need. She was born on 'Titan', one of Saturn'’s moons, and arrives on Earth to help 'Supergirl' battle one of her biggest threats..."

Saturn Girl, debuted in DC's "Adventure Comics" #247 (April 1958), created by writer Otto Binder and illustrator Al Plastino. She is from the 30th century and is a founding member of the 'Legion of Super-Heroes'.

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