Friday, September 29, 2017

"Snow Crash" - A Form of Narcotic

The Amazon Prime streaming service confirmed a number of 'genre', 'high-profile' drama series in development, including "Snow Crash" (1992), a science fiction novel by author Neal Stephenson, covering history, linguistics, anthropology, archaeology, religion, computer science, politics, cryptography, memetics and philosophy:

"...'Hiro Protagonist' is a hacker and pizza delivery driver for a criminal mob. He meets 'Y.T.' a young skateboard ;Kourier', during a failed attempt to make a delivery on time. Y.T. completes the delivery on his behalf and they strike up a partnership, gathering intel and selling it to the 'CIC', the for-profit organization that evolved from the 'CIA' merger with the 'Library of Congress'.

"Within the 'Metaverse', Hiro is offered a datafile named 'Snow Crash' by a man named 'Raven' who hints that it is a form of narcotic.

"Hiro's friend and fellow hacker 'Da5id' views a bitmap image contained in the file which causes his computer to crash and Da5id to suffer brain damage in the real world.

"Hiro then meets his ex-girlfriend 'Juanita Marquez', who gives him a database containing a large amount of research, positing connections between the virus, ancient 'Sumerian' culture and the legend of 'Tower of Babel'. Juanita advises him to be careful and disappears..."

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